Tuesday, August 16, 2011

you know the economy is bad when...

according to walmart

Wal-Mart, which averages 140 million shoppers weekly to its stores in the United States, is considered a barometer of the health of the consumer and the economy.

how in the hell is walmart THE gauge  of our economy? if that is true, then the poor do in fact really dictate this country, not the rich. Also, China in some round about way, control the aspect of our economic spending if walmart is the barometer of it. If walmart was to ever hit bankruptcy, we'd be screwed.

According to the recent article saying walmart's numbers are down, people are are still spending, but not there. Then where? dollar stores? thrift?

I know when I shop I go to Target first. I mean, have you ever been to Target and really compared prices? most of the time, walmart is only 3-7¢ cheaper than target sans coupons. get some decent coupons and go to Target and save money AND dignity. Personally, I prefer Target over walmart any day of the week to walmart.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Face it, we're fucked.

That's right, we are indeed in a handbasket which would explain the heat as of late. We are going down the yellow brick road of hell. Sure, those midgets with the lollipops look all sweet and innocent until they kick your in your shins, knock you over the head with that lollipop and then steal your wallet.

Look across the pond to good ole Jolly England. Those riots are merely being done for sport now. Many of those kids involved  probably have no idea why the hell they just torched some shop, or turned over a car, but what the hell, it's fun! AT least the L.A. riots were done for Rodney King, even though many people probably didn't know who or what was that about, just that it was about Rodney King, so let's burn some shit and kick whitey's ass!

But, now we got ourselves some deep shit going on here and if those riots over there are any indication of what it takes when you get multi-culturism, poverty, bad economy, and a little spark to light a fuse, you gonna get a whole heap of mess.

of course over here, we don't resort to aluminum baseball bats to defend ourselves like they do, so it's gonna get even more messy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Rioting

So yeah, with all this riots going on in England, you'd think America could send some of our police force over there to literally give a hand since it's what we are good at. Those police over there seem to be afraid to face the young looters, whereas some L.A. cops here know just how to handle such riff raff.

Hell, I believe L.A. even uses steel core rubber bullets to to say they are using rubber bullets.


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